How to Contact UPS Customer Support?

UPS or the United Parcel Service is a package delivery service with its base of operations originating and operating out of the United States of America with further expansions spread out in various other parts of the world. While package delivery is the crux of their operations, they have also planted roots in the cargo airline industry, trucking industry, and now a recently established drone delivery service.

Does your issue concern the status of your parcel? Perhaps visit the official UPS website and enter your parcel number under the “Track Shipment” option. Doing so will give you live updates on your parcel’s location and status, along with the estimated time of arrival. If your issues are beyond the peripheries of just tracking and status checking, you need not worry.

You can quickly get in touch with UPS Customer Service using the UPS Customer Service option available on the UPS Portal accessible using the official UPS website. The portal is very user-friendly and allows first-time users to make an account easily. Your problem will be assigned to and addressed by an employee immediately with a personal chat on the portal.

This is the most advisable method of the ones available due to its efficiency and efficacy. If by chance, you are unable to access the portal due to issues on your part or ours, you could also use one of the other methods listed below, which are just as effective but have the downside of longer wait times in getting the issues resolved.

ups customer support

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Other Ways To Contact UPS Customer Support:

One method to get your queries heard would be to call the UPS Customer Support Toll-free at 1-800-742-5877. Upon contacting the toll-free number, you will be put in touch and have to deal with an automated voice machine. You will then have to press 0 twice to be assigned an official, and after an average wait time of 15-30 minutes, you shall be able to speak with said official.

Their social media platforms are a reasonably viable choice for getting in touch with an official, too though they come with the downside of increased waiting times up to an entire day.  You could also submit your inquiries through their online contact forms, where you will be required to enter your details, and an official will then get in touch with you within a week. The other method to get in touch would be to contact one of their four headquarters using the information provided below.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: My package status reads “Out For Delivery”. When will I receive it?

A: The delivery window is active until 9 pm on any given day and is expanded on holidays to suit the customers. Depending on the traffic, the driver may be late but always makes it a point to deliver within the window.

Q: How do I change my delivery?

A: To change your delivery, you’ll have to visit the official UPS website or call the toll-free customer service number to have an official help you out with the process.

Q: How do I cancel my delivery?

A: You will be required to contact the package’s sender to stop the delivery from their end or change the address on the package before the first delivery is attempted.

The sender is the only one who can cancel the delivery before it is attempted.

UPS Headoffice Addresses

UPS World Headquarters

  • 55 Glenlake Parkway NE
  • Atlanta, GA 30328
  • United States
  • Tel.: 1-800-PICK-UPS

UPS Asia Pacific Region Office

  • 22 Changi South Avenue 2
  • UPS House
  • Singapore, 486064
  • Asia

UPS Europe

  • Avenue Ariane 5
  • 1200 Brussels, Belgium  Europe

UPS Americas and the Caribbean

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