UPS Shipping Rates & Delivery Time Period

UPS (United Parcel Service) is a popular name for the logistics industry’s best. Established in 1970, UPS is one of the most reliable logistic services used by individuals and e-commerce.  UPS also ships packages worldwide.

UPS Shipping Rates can be complicated to understand, especially for new users. UPS’s shipping rates depend on multiple factors like the package’s weight, destination, and delivery time. This post details different types of charges and helps you choose the best options for you.

UPS Flat Rate

UPS Flat Rate is a game-changer as it takes out all the guesswork and provides you with a single quote. Users don’t have to worry about how much it is going to cost. Everything will be priced before, unlike standard shipping, where you ship something, and the cost is calculated by the weight of the package, destination, and possible surcharges.

UPS International Rates

International services can be a little costlier than domestic services. You can quickly look up the price it will cost you by using the UPS Time and Cost calculator. UPS delivers your orders as fast as you need and charges accordingly.

You might have to pay a duty rate based on the type of package you are shipping and the country.

UPS Domestic Rates

When compared to international services, domestic services are cheaper. You get to choose from all the available choices of various speeds. UPS gives you the option to choose delivery time; you can choose UPS Next to deliver it the next day or UPS 2nd and 3rd for delivering it on the 2nd or 3rd day, respectively.

UPS Shipping Rates

Other Types of UPS Delivery Costs

UPS Surcharges

Shipping surcharges are applied to urgent, international, and express shipments, and these surcharges significantly affect shipping prices. Numerous factors can affect Surcharges.

  • Capacity Surcharge: These are applicable on special air freight lanes.
  • Extended Area Surcharge: When an area is challenging to reach, these surcharges are applied.
  • Fuel Surcharges: These surcharges are applied to ground delivery and pickup. Rates are dependent on previous fuel charges and are updated monthly.
  • Peak Season Surcharge: These surcharges are reserved for some specific international airfreight.
  • Security Surcharge: According to the destination, these surcharge rates are affected.

Shipping Insurance

Shipping insurance helps you protect your package in transit from any possible damage. The packages already have $100 insurance by default, but you can also go for a higher value.

Taxes and Additional Fees

You might be expected to pay more in case of an international shipment. The charges vary from country to country. For instance, in Europe, VAT is applied, while some agency fees might be applied in the United States of America.

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