UPS vs USPS: Differences, Pros and Cons Explained

UPS vs USPS: The United States of America has a $60 billion logistics industry. There are many courier services, both big and small, offering to distribute the parcels. UPS is one of the oldest parcel services there. UPS was established in the year 1907, whereas USPS was founded in 1971. When it comes down to the best courier service, there are only two options: UPS and USPS. Both are internationally accepted excellent and affordable services with their pros and cons.

You can choose the best services for your personal needs or your e-commerce business as per your needs. Some of the factors that need to be considered while selecting a parcel service are budget, efficiency, and speed.

UPS is the ideal choice when you have to ship a large package internationally, while USPS is used in case you want to ship small packages. UPS offers shipping services worldwide while USPS only ships in the United States of America and is an independent agency of the U.S. Federal Government.



There is a wide range of services offered by UPS.

  • UPS Ground: This is the most affordable service by UPS. Ground service takes one to five business days to deliver.
  • UPS 2nd Day and UPS 3rd Day Select: This service delivers items in 2 days if you have selected 2nd day and three days if you have selected 3rd day.
  • UPS Express Critical: This is the fastest service offered by UPS. You can avail of this service the whole year long. UPS charges more for this service.
  • UPS Next Day Air: Under this service, UPS delivers your package the very next day. This has two options: Early and Saver. Early service starts before the afternoon, and Saver delivery is after 4 PM.

UPS Services Pros and Cons


  • The delivery is guaranteed as you can easily track your order.
  • Fast delivery options like ‘Next day’ and ‘2nd and 3rd-day’ services are some of the fastest services.
  • UPS delivers on Saturdays too as part of the Next day and 2nd and 3rd day.
  • Low prices for heavy orders.


  • UPS is a little expensive for small orders.
  • UPS pickup services are costly as they charge a flat rate for scheduled pickups.
  • No Saturday services are available for regular services.
  1. UPS Shipping Rates
  2. UPSers Employee Login


These are the services offered by USPS. They differ on the basis if it is for e-commerce or individuals.

  • Priority Mail Express: This is the fastest mail service by USPS. This service can be availed all year long.
  • Retail Ground: This USPS service is ideal if you have a bulky package that does not have a time limit to get delivered.
  • First Class Mail: This is for packages that weigh less than 13 lbs. This is ideal for small packages and envelopes.
  • Priority Mail: Under this service, the package gets delivered within one to three business days. If your package is less than 70 lbs, you can also avail flat rate.
  • Media Mail: This package is designed for sending audio and video files that weigh less than 70 lbs. There is a check on the kind of media being sent. Delivery is done within 2-8 business days.

USPS Services Pros and Cons


  • It’s cheaper for small orders that weigh less than 13 lbs.
  • USPS also delivers to mailboxes and post offices.
  • Under the Priority mail services, they offer flat rate boxes.
  • Always delivers on time.


  • It does not have a well-established tracking service when compared to other services.
  • When it comes to customer service, USPS lags.


UPS and USPS are both exceptional courier services and have their pros and cons. You should choose the courier service that suits your needs.

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